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our mission

[sub]liminal is an online literary and art journal. It derives its name from the subconscious and concealed. Liminal refers to the threshold of transition between two stages, but subliminal is what is below that threshold, unbeknownst to us. At [sub]liminal, we’re interested in the subtle messages hiding in plain sight, and we’re dedicated to exploring the intricacies of our everyday realities and uncovering the beauty behind them. We seek work that strives to deepen our perception and awaken the subconscious. We accept all forms and styles [including but not limited to poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, photography, art, and mixed media], but we love the delicate, the intricacies of both the mundane and the surreal. Surprise us—what magic can you find in the simple everyday activities? How do you walk the line between dream and reality? We want work that's haunting but powerful, raw but graceful, coarse but refined.

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